Mission Statement

Our foundational mission plan is a vision to build a noble social legacy, in a concerted spiritually liberated grand imperial legend of private co-op enterprises, by kindly encouraging equitable financial and social balance between the honorable haves and have-nots. We’ll use great morally proficient innovative proven strategy, ideas, products and services to the essential beneficial necessitating of both arenas, in an asserted responsible effort. We’ll assist in comforting civilians as a privileged independent industrious civilized society, providing real substance and vital industrious co-operative collateral resources necessary for people globally, to prosper exceedingly, minimizing the competitive capitalistic marketing focus of elite selectivity commonly used. The operations must grow progressively, becoming some of the largest and most gratefully generous entities of gifted sharing contributors, adding to the ever expanded empowering new found wealth of civilizations all over the world, as we attend to generating the awed objective value to our markets of nations great and small. By initiating a club, we resolve via the inventive creativity of social integrity, our attributes of equity to the masses and our kindly governed economic aim of purposeful asset filtered redistribution to the consumers credit for capital equality, while bringing deserving privilege to all. Society will flourish causing embracing alliances, compelling the joyful fulfillment of that encouraging widespread caring brotherly fellowship of love to boldly advance, without excessive self-serving motivation and intention for riches, letting the liberty of peace forever reign. Our honor and credibility with the loyal patronizing public is and shall be our most valued and sacredly treasured commodity. Performing the aim of Reciprocal prosperity.

We Built Their's, Time to Build Ours

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Empower Yourself

LIVE THE MIND COMMANDER'S LIFE...JOIN THE Q9Q LIFE CHANGING COMMUNITY AND JOIN THE WORLD CRUSADE NOW, TOGETHER WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE ASSURED POVERTY TERMINATORS, TERMINATE YOUR OWN POVERTY BENEVOLENTLY, WHILE HAPPILY PRACTICALLY EFFORTLESSLY, TERMINATING ALL POVERTY WORLDWIDE, PURSUE ALL OF YOUR LIFE DESIRES, DREAMS AND ALL ASPIRATIONS WITH VERY FEW OBSTACLES, IF ANY, EXCEPT THOSE IN YOUR OWN MIND LIKE FEAR, DOUBT, IGNORANCE, SKEPTICISM AND SLOTHFULNESS, BE THE KEY! BEAT THE WORLDLY MIND VIRUS AND BECOME THE KING/QUEEN (LORD) YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!.. ************************************************************************************************************************** *************** ...INITIAL ECONOMIC RELIEF IN 30 DAYS OR LESS...*********************** . . * * Language & Math, is digital formulated elements of foundational principles, aggregated integrity of calculated composition for key mechanics, crucial to construct objectivity, A Wise Core Knowledge!.. ************************************************************************************************************ Presumption & Assumption, is the erroneous base of illusive deception, that causes the catastrophic destruction of a society, leading to devastating misery of poverty, immorality & peak mortality rate!.. ************************************************************************************************************* OPTION#1 4yrs. College = B.S. (bull shit) Degree & a mountian Of ridiculous debt… ************************************************************************************************************** OPTION#2 30yr. 50k job = 1.5M lifetime & elderly retirement into miserable poverty… *************************************************************************************************************** OPTION#3 3.5yrs. & $25 o.t.o.o.p. Q9Q-ORMECE’MMM CLUB ***F/LA$T = 1.6M yrly. Early REGISTRATION THRU JUNE 30th, 2020 FOR 1,000 KEY POSITIONS VISIT OUR WEBSITE, JOIN US: Signup TODAY @ https://q9q-ormece.club/

Developed To Serve

Q9Q-ORMECE' was developed out of concern for the lack of vitality and well being for people as it should/ought to be in a civilized society. Q9Q-ORMECE' is designed to give everyone on the planet an opportunity to structure a secure life and operate in their own economic freedom from birth to death and beyond, if desired. (Legacy for our generational youth) Q9Q-ORMECE' diminishes the dogma “competitive” mentality and promotes the esteem for self and others “cooperative” mentality. Q9Q-ORMECE' will target all aspects of life including economics, health, spirituality, knowledge, skills, leisure, tech, creativity, business and social.., you will never find a better way... GUARANTEED!..

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